A new innovation in distance exam management

Exam Exchange is a global network of education institutions running exams and remote examination hosts.

Remote Exam Venue Management for Learning Institutions

With Exam Exchange learning Institutions can connect to a world-wide network of exam hosts and manage all their distance exam hosting in the cloud. See real-time updates on host information and their availability, as well as real-time notification when the exams have taken place.

Login and upload your student and exam details and use an easy interface to manage your distance exams.

Easy to use with full accountability

Sign up is quick and easy to do and the feedback and rating systems help institutions in need of a remote exam venue to identify quality, reliable hosts that are already trusted by other institutions.

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Improving efficiencies and student experience

Exam Exchange will improve administration efficiencies for Institutions as it will seamlessly integrate with existing student records systems, provides clever management tools to connect Students and Hosts, minimises data entry and allows easy communication with exam hosts and students.

Getting access to a world-wide network of exam hosts means Institutions can offer convenient, local exam venues for their students.

Benefits for established Databee Exams Manager Institutions

Exam Exchange works seamlessly with Databee Exams Manager without any additional workload.

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Are you a potential exam host?

Do you already offer exam invigilation services? Becoming part of the Exam Exchange network can promote your services to the wider education sector. Small community groups, companies and Universities can register to host exams through Exam Exchange.

Register your interest as a learning institution looking for remote venues, or as a potential venue looking to host exams.

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